Ideology is a set of ideas or ideas. itt tech student portal The word ideology itself was created by Destutt de Tracy in the late 18th century to define "science of ideas". Ideology can be regarded as a comprehensive vision, as a way of looking at things (compare Weltanschauung), in general (see Ideology in daily life) and some philosophical direction (see political ideology), or a group of ideas proposed by the dominant class on all members society. Untama purpose behind ideology is to offer change through normative thought process. Ideology is a system of abstract thinking (not just the formation of the idea) that apply to public issues that make this concept become a political core. Implicitly every political thought to follow an ideology, although not laid out as a system of thought that explicitly.
A political party is a political organization undergoing a certain ideology or formed with a specific purpose. Another definition is an organized group whose members have the orientation, values, and ideals alike. The purpose of this group is to gain political power and seize political position - (usually) by way of constitutional - to implement their policies.
A political party is a political tool that bridges the political elites in order to achieve political power in a country that is characterized by self-sufficient in financial terms, have a platform or its own political direction, carrying the group interests in political affairs, and also contributes to political development as a political superstructure ,

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