Tolerance comes from the Latin;itt tech student portal tolerare means restraint, be patient, let the other person, and be free to those who has a different opinion. tolerance does not mean allowing the left to view it, but recognizes the freedom and rights of its adherents. itt tech student portal
Tolerant attitude implies silence, while tolerance is an attitude of tolerance to each other. Indonesian nation made up of many kinds of tribes that have their own culture, religion and belief that is different but they remain one nation has a home and have a language of unity. Our motto of unity in diversity.
The nature of the Indonesian nation is a very prominent family properties, consensus, trust and obey the worship of God, the nature of neighborly, cooperative, helpful, and tolerance is a trait that we must have.
2. tolerant towards the essentials

Tolerant in religious life becomes absolute existence with the existence of various religions in human life as Allah says in Surah Ali Imron paragraph 103:

Happiness in human life will be achieved when founded upon the harmony and balance. In Indonesian society menghjormati respect between faiths should be developed so that inter-religious harmony can be maintained.
3. The tolerance of religious pluralism
Religion is a gift from the Almighty God, is for the benefit of, goodness and well-being religious. Plurality is a reality created by God. However, people have to realize and accept this fact to complement and enrich the experience of life for mankind. By living in harmony because it is not a fight but mutual respect. This kind of atmosphere we desperately need in the community and avoid self-righteous attitude.
4. Tolerance in cultural pluralism
Pointing to a series of cultural system of shared knowledge, habits, values, rules, and symbols associated with the goal of all members of society to interact with the social environment and the physical environment. The interaction between art and religion has long become a reality. Religion is a source of ethics and morality, art is one of the most appropriate vehicle to promote religious life.
5. Tolerance in pluralism quarter
Pluralism can be said is the motto manifestation of national unity. Develop pluralism indisputable bahwabangsa Indonesia is made up of many tribes, many sub-tribes of the interior. Pluralism will flourish and enrich life of the Indonesian nation if in the future the principles of tolerance, equality before the law and other carefully defined irrespective of whether the original color and particularly solidarity towards those who are weaker.
6. Majority protect minorities
Our society has always lived in nature have a variety of beliefs. Since the beginning of the development peradapannya already growing belief in God, in quick succession came many religions that now we know. That does not mean the return of religion and religious beliefs that had existed previously missing, but is still alive and thriving. All religions teach goodness so that they respect and love.
7. Man in social life
Man will only have meaning when together with other people in the community. Can not imagine if people live alone without other people. In addition to having the power of human nature is also equipped with human weakness has the nature of good and bad. For the survival and prosperity of human life should seek the assistance or cooperation with others. Therefore, people need to live in a society.
8. Tolerance in relation to harmony among religious, ethnic, cultural, and class.
Religion taught man to do good to others. because human beings are creatures of God who have the same dignity as well as a generous sense and discretion. With intellect and wisdom, humans must establish good relationships with their environment, based on mutual respect and mutual love. Every human being is endowed human rights that must be respected deny others. Men who have faith and piety towards God will always do good and be tolerant of other people.


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